Cafe Of The Future? This Business Has Experts STUMPED

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

( – Maggie Kane is following a business practice that likely goes against what most are being told in business school. Her café, which has been working for 5.5 years, has been allowing people to pay what they can, and each year they have been giving away thousands of meals for free. And yet, the café, A Place at the Table, in downtown Raleigh on Hargett Street continues to be in business.

In an interview, Kane revealed that she is constantly surprised at how beautiful the café is and at how the business she has built continues to work, especially as many restaurants close every year. During the pandemic, which caused North Carolina to close completely following a government order, Maggie was at first unsure of what to do.

She added that she then decided to become a serving line and was handing out meals for free to more than 450 people per day. She added that many had questioned how she was able to afford it, but as she always revealed, there were many amazing people in their community.

This was a reference to everyone who donated to the business, with many people donating every single time they ate there. Maggie revealed that they completely run as a normal restaurant; the only difference is that every time you approach the register, you can see the suggested pricing and the people volunteering.

Maggie revealed that at first, they had around 100 people coming in every day, but now they often serve 400 or 450 people per day, and they even had to hire a security guard to help handle the crowd.

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