Meet the Restore American Glory Team

What happens when a group of Americans all realize how utterly exhausted they are by the mainstream media shoving their agendas down their throats? They get together and decide to take action. That’s what every member of the Restore American Glory team is doing here — taking action and doing their part to build a better future for present and future generations.

Our Mission

The vision our founding fathers had when forming our great nation was great. While evolution demands change, our core conservative values can and should remain a solid foundation. We’re here to shed light on the issues that matter, whether we’re seeing too much government overreach, disrespect of our nation’s law enforcement or military, or threats to our traditional family unit.

Every single day we comb through hundreds of news stories to bring you the ones we feel will have the most impact on your ability to reach your goals. We dig deep to find the details others are trying to suppress, as well as the stories that will leave you with concrete, actionable information.

Introducing the Restore American Glory Team

What we love most about the Restore American Glory team is its diversity. Each member of the team comes from a different walk of life. Our journalists, writers, editors, and designers have been educators, military members, politicians, tradesmen, and businessmen, just to name a handful.

Our team knows and understands how difficult it is to earn the public’s trust – and how easy it is to lose it. Each member of our organization understands their ethical responsibilities. We believe in journalistic integrity and will never, ever publish opinion, commentary, or twisted facts designed to fulfill an agenda.

We refuse to be in the pocket of politicians, lobbyists or anyone attempting to sway the public. Our team is determined to make sure you receive the facts you need to protect yourselves and your families while speaking with your own voices, wallets, and votes.

How to Stay Informed

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