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There’s no hidden agenda here at Restore American Glory. We aren’t blind supporters of any one candidate, nor do we care who has the deepest pockets. We spend hours each day looking for threats to your core values and watching the moves of our elected and appointed leaders. What they do has an impact – and you deserve to know just what that impact will be.

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Every member of the Restore American Glory team believes in the intent of our nation’s founding fathers. We believe that the publication of factual information is the best thing we can do to arm American patriots working towards restoring our country to its former glory. Together, we can build a better future – not just for generations to come, but for all of us right here, right now.

Our Team Members

The Restore American Glory team is made up of an eclectic group of individuals, each passionate about finding ways to contribute to our Daily News and Political Watchdog pieces on a daily basis. While some members of our writing and editorial team are seasoned journalists, others have been (or still are) teachers, scholars, scientists, healthcare providers, military members, lawmakers, law enforcement personnel, and more. Each brings an incredibly unique perspective that allows us to continuously question each other, dig deep, and provide you with the best news possible.

Our Editorial Responsibilities

Our editorial policy is incredibly strict. Restore American Glory does not publish opinion pieces, editorials, commentary, or anything with a clear, biased agenda. Our team is responsible for proper research, fact-checking, and collaboration — all of which ensures the highest quality article while maintaining true journalistic integrity.

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