IRS Office Shuts Down After Major Fight Breaks Out

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

( – In Houston, one IRS office was forced to close early after a fight broke out in the building. People had been rushing to enter the building in order to get assistance with their taxes ahead of Tax Days. 

The incident occurred on Saturday morning during the IRS’ Tax Assistance even when hundreds of people had lined up in an attempt to get help with their taxation prior to the deadline on Monday. However, they had been blindsided after the office had ended up closing after two of the people waiting in line had started fighting. 

A tax center visitor Katrel Johnson told FOX 26 that the center had opened the gates at around 9 or 10 a.m. and following that a couple of people had started to fight. In response, the center told everyone that they needed to go home. Johnson had driven more than two hours to receive assistance with her taxes. 

Adding to the chaos in the situation according to reports there had been a large group that had attempted to simultaneously enter the building. 

IRS center visitor Tonya Johnson stated that all of a sudden everyone had tried to get inside as soon as the doors opened. 

The website hours had stated that the office would be closing at 4 pm but instead, it ended up closing right before 11 am. This has led to many people being frustrated. 

One taxpayer had told FOX 26 that they were not “playing” and that this had been the second month that they had come to the center to try and get things done. 

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