Blue State Tightens Airport Laws For Travelers

Photo by Ivan Shimko on Unsplash

( – In California, a new bill proposed would block CLEAR, a security screening company, from being allowed to skip the regular security lines at airports. 

The bill is sponsored by state Sen. Josh Newman (D) who has argued that this was not a ban for the company being in state airports but rather it was about the company being able to move the service through its dedicated system. 

On Monday in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, he wrote that CLEAR passengers would be able to still move through the dedicated security lane, but what this bill would stop them from doing is cutting in front of anyone they wanted to in the security lines. 

CLEAR is a way for high-paying customers to save time. However, that time-saving ability often comes at the expense of other airport travelers. Newman has argued that he had often been “pushed aside” for CLEAR subscribers to be able to move in front of him on the security line.

In a bill analysis, Newman pointed out that California airports should be encouraged to find other ways to increase revenues but that this should not be happening at the expense of the public interest. 

CLEAR was founded in 2010 and it gave subscribers access to biometric technology to bypass the security methods that are usually available at an airport. Subscribers can scan their boarding pass, walk to a CLEAR pod, and then be taken to the physical screen. A CLEAR membership is only $189 per year. 

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