Biden Attacks The Country Of Georgia

Photo by Denis Arslanbekov on Unsplash

( – The Biden administration has condemned the government of Georgia, after a recent legislation that draws inspiration from the “foreign agents law” in Russia. The law resulted in mass protests in the country’s capital city, Tbilisi which were handled with a security crackdown. 

On Wednesday night, State Department spokesperson Matthey Miller put out a statement condemning the legislation that was moving through the parliament of Georgia earlier that day. He also slammed the false narrative of government officials who have been defending the “Kremlin-inspired” law. As he pointed out these actions taken by the Georgian government went against the Democratic values of the EU and NATO members, and were jeopardizing the country’s path to joining the Euro-Atlantic integration. 

In both parties lawmakers have warned that it is likely that the law will lead to U.S. sanctions and that the country will stop receiving aid. 

The new law is based on a 2012 Russian legislation that has also received a lot of criticism for criminalizing civil society organizations that received international funding. 

Europe and the United States have expressed concerns about the possibility that this type of legislation would lead to free speech being silenced and have argued that it could be used to silence voices in the vibrant civil society of the country. 

The law was first brought forward on April 3, by the Georgian Dream party, which is currently ruling. This is the latest effort of the party to push forward this legislation which had previously failed because of the protests. 

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