One State To Officially Hand Out Reparations?

Photo by BP Miller on Unsplash

( – In North Carolina, the Community Reparations Commission in Asheville has put out a list of recommendations over 2 years after its establishment. 

The commission was first established in March 2022 and it includes 25 members who are considering the effects of systemic racism on the community and were tasked with finding recommendations that would help assist in providing reparations for the situation. 

The panel as part of its recommendations suggested that a guaranteed income program should be created which would help ensure that even people with low income would have their needs met. The program would provide them with monthly cash payments that would not have any strings attached or any “work requirements.” As they pointed out, a guaranteed income would not act as a replacement for working but rather it would be a supplemental tool that would help with the social safety net and would act as a tool for addressing gender and racial equity. They further noted that the program’s parameters would help ensure that those who have faced systemic employment discrimination are going to benefit. 

The commission also pointed out that Black people are consistently given discriminatory wages which lead to impoverishment. They added that the unemployment rates in the Black community are disproportionate as there are fewer opportunities for them to take part in the local job market. 

The panel has also accused the county and city of being a part of the urban renewal, which has destroyed many Black businesses and family homes. 

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