DOJ Finally Meets With Families Of Boeing Victims

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

( – The Justice Department sent a letter to the families of passengers aboard two Boeing 737 Max involved in fatal crashes, asking to meet with them to determine if the company violated a deal allowing it to escape criminal prosecution over the deadly crashes.

The letter, sent by the Department of Justice’s fraud department, invites families of the deceased to attend a 7-hour meeting on May 31, where they will be informed about how the Department plans to proceed. According to reporting by ABC News, the meeting will also allow the families to share their views and input.

After several safety mishaps this year, Boeing has faced intense scrutiny, which reversed any progress the company had made since its reputation was nearly irreparably damaged by two deadly crashes in 2018 and 2019.

The most recent incidents have placed Boeinig’s company culture, manufacturing processes, and safety protocol under a microscope.

In April, following a series of publicized Boeing safety setbacks, nearly a dozen relatives of passengers on the ill-fated 2019 Ethiopian Airlines crash met with Washington officials to request that they restore a criminal fraud charge against Boeing in an attempt to ascertain if the company was in violation of terms agreed to in the 2021 settlement.

Boeing committed to settlement terms that meant it would continue cooperating with the government, share fraud allegations that arose, and avoid committing future felony offenses.

Should the Justice Department determine Boeing was violating the agreement terms, the result would be a historic criminal prosecution that could have widespread ramifications for the aviation industry.

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