Red State Refuses To Play Any Games With Squatters

Photo by Tom Rumble on Unsplash

( – Last year, according to reports the police at South Fulton, Georgia had blocked a group of squatters that had occupied a vacant home. 

A report from FOX 5 in Atlanta noted that the South Fulton Police Department had detained six individuals outside of a home while recovering a vehicle that had been stolen. While speaking with Kendra Snorton, the homeowner association’s vice president in Hampton Oaks, it was stated that the group had taken over the home on Christmas day. Snorton stated that they could see the leader of the group walking his dog every day and that he had been polite in all of his interactions with the community.

Mel Keyton, the HOA president, had informed the station that the group had also stolen a vehicle and broken into a different home in the subdivision. After doing so they ended up returning to the home they were squatting in for a few months. 

Keyton pointed out that when the police arrived, the car had been left behind them in the card, which is why they realized what was going on. She added that the neighborhood had become more dangerous as squatters were using the area, taking advantage of the amenities, and breaking into the homes. 

Snorton similarly stated that she was uneasy as she did not know who was living in their community. 

Last month, Gov. Brian Kemp, R-Ga., signed into law a bill that would make squatting illegal in the state. As he pointed out with this bill owners would be able to get compensation for damage and evict squatters much faster.

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