Bride-To-Be Shot In Crime-Ridden City

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

( – In Washington, D.C., there was a shooting at Decades, a popular nightclub, which resulted in a bride-to-be, identified as “Katie” being seriously injured before her wedding. 

The shooting occurred on April 26 when Rennwel Mantock opened fire on many of the bystanders at the club. The woman, who is a mother of three, revealed to FOX 5 DC that following the shooting she was in a lot of pain but that she was grateful to still be alive. As she recounted the bouncer had lifted the rope after the first shot which had allowed her to start running. While running she had ended up being hit. 

The shooting had taken place in an area that had increased security and high levels of night activity. 

Following the shooting the D.C. court records have shown that Mantock is facing six counts of firearm possession during a violent crime and six counts of assault with intent to kill. 

“Katie” said that after this incident she had no plans of ever going back out in the streets of D.C. She continued by noting that she had not done anything wrong and that at the time of the shooting she had been at one of the supposedly safest places in the city, and still had ended up shot. 

The suspect had informed the police that the man had been dancing “on a lady” when security guards had informed him that he needed to leave the building. The police report notes that in response Mantock had grabbed the security guard and punched him. 

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