Democrats Spending $70 Million On Migrants

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

( – On Friday, the Chicago City Council had approved of an additional $70 million to be used for taking care of illegal immigrants. This move was despite the criticisms received from foreign nationals and residents regarding accusations that they were putting the illegal immigrants above those who were native Chicagoans. 

The council had approved the request in a 30-18 video following a request by Mayor Brandon Johnson so that they could face the immigration crisis. CBS News has reported that according to the vote, which had come in almost an hour after the debate and would be accompanied by both federal and state bills for $48 million in grant money. 

The money is an addition to the $150 million that has been assigned to migrant care. Johnson, along with several other mayors, have also been pushing for the federal government to provide even further assistance than it is currently providing. 

Council budget committee chair Jason Erwin had argued that this was a challenge and questioned whether they wanted to be spending funds in this way currently. He continued by arguing that of course, this was not the way they wanted to be spending but that they had a responsibility to push this forward. 

In regards to the funding request, Johnson’s office had argued that they wanted to ensure that the city was going to be prepared for the possibility of an influx in arrivals that would be sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. The city is looking to provide “basic necessities” such as shelter, food, support for resettlement, and medical care. 

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