Biden Strongly Believes He Can Flip These 2 Red States

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – President Biden recently campaigned in Florida, asserting that the state, traditionally Republican, could be competitive in the 2024 presidential election. Speaking at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, he suggested that new abortion restrictions might influence the election outcome. A controversial law prohibiting abortions after six weeks is slated to take effect on May 1, though it may be overturned by a voter referendum in November.

Polling from FiveThirtyEight shows Trump currently leading Biden in Florida, a state Trump secured in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. Biden’s optimistic statement about flipping Florida was met with skepticism and derision from some online, including from Governor Ron DeSantis’ team. Bryan Griffin, DeSantis’ communications director, mocked the turnout at Biden’s event, while DeSantis’ press secretary Jeremey Redfern critiqued Biden’s border policies.

In addition, Governor DeSantis critiqued Biden’s stance on a Florida constitutional amendment that could guarantee the right to abortion, predicting a decisive role for Floridian voters in rejecting Biden’s bid for reelection. He accused Biden of promoting policies that have led to economic strain and misrepresented voter intentions with the proposed abortion amendment.

Amid these exchanges, the Biden campaign remains hopeful, drawing parallels to past elections where abortion rights on the ballot have historically favored Democrats, such as Obama’s victory in 2012. They believe their significant campaign resources could help secure a win in Florida.

Governor DeSantis, however, pointed out that demographic shifts and a significant Republican lead in voter registration could pose a formidable challenge to Democrats. He noted that many newcomers to Florida are aligning with Republican rather than Democrat values, suggesting a tough battle ahead for the Democrats in the state.

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