Merchants Of Death Found At Pelosi Federal Building

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

( – “To Catch a Predator” former host Chris Hansen recently spoke to Fox News about a fentanyl fencing operation that he had been looking into which was located outside the Nancy Pelosi Federal Building in San Francisco. He argued that the crisis had previously resulted in a recommendation that government employees should no longer work from the office. 

Hansen, who is the TruBlu “Takedown” host, had followed Elmore, an undercover retired detective, who had informed him about the trade of substances in the area surrounding the federal building. However, he pointed out that it was hard to determine when the drugs had been smuggled across the U.S. border. 

The host pointed out that the federal building needed to construct a fence to surround itself and provide protection from drug activity. During the investigation, one of the dealers was caught in the hotspot and attempted to avoid arrest by blending in with the homeless population in the area. 

Hansen argued that many of those who were participating in the drug trade were illegal immigrants from Honduras who were sending the funds to their nation. He added that this situation was not just “a ragtag group” and instead referred to those involved as “merchants of death.” 

He pointed out that every single fentanyl dealer, who he estimates to be between 350 to 400, was making anywhere between $300,000 to $400,000 every year, and the majority of those funds were being sent back to Honduras.

In August 2023, Health and Human Services put out a stay-at-home recommendation because of the condition around the building.

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