Republicans Zero In On Antisemitic Protesters

Photo by Amir Hanna on Unsplash

( – Rep. Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.) in a recent interview on NewsNation’s “The Hill” pointed out that it was necessary for there to be “consequences” for those at Columbia University who had been part of the antisemitic protests. 

During the interview, Lawler pointed out that he called for Jews to be eradicated and then believed that everything would be fine because of free speech. 

The protest at the university had been ongoing for six days and so far hundreds of students have been pushing for a cease-fire in Gaza as the Israel-Hamas war continues. They are also stating that the United States should no longer be providing military aid to Israel. 

The remarks by Lawler come amidst escalating tensions relating to demonstrations on the campus. These have also led to students being suspended or arrested. 

President Minouche Shafik is leading Columbia University administrators to authorize the New York police in order to get those who are a part of the protest arrested. This has sparked even more tension in the protest. 

Lawler is one of the 10 House GOP members who are pushing for Shafik to resign, and he has argued that under her the campus had turned to “anarchy.” He continued by arguing that one is not entitled to make any threats against people and that the Columbia president would need to immediately resign. 

The demonstrations have also resulted in increasing fears over whether or not Jewish students are safe. This has also resulted in Columbia moving all of its classes online before the upcoming Passover holiday. 

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