Democrat Mayor Defunds His Own Police Force

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

( – Danielle Jurinsky, an Aurora City Council member has discussed how her community has faced the impact of illegal immigration and has pushed for the Biden administration to get a handle on the situation at the border and immigration crisis.

The Democrat-controlled city had announced $45 million in program funding that would assist with handling the high number of migrant arrivals. The immigration crisis has led to the city having to implement $8 million in budget cuts to the police department.

Last week, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced that there would be a new $45.9 million program that is going to be helping provide funding for newcomers in 2024. This would allow them to prevent any projections of a worst-case scenario in the city. This is in additional to the $44 million in spending that he had managed to secure for the program during the previous budget moves.

Last year the amount used for migrants in the city went from $2 million in the month of August to $15 million in December. The number of migrants in city shelters peaked at around 5,000 in January but since then they have declined to about 1,000 according to the figures released by the city.

Johnson has argued that after over a year of dealing with this crisis together, Denver now had a plan that would allow them to sustainably provide for newcomers without needing to cut the budget for city services. He added that this would also help ensure that there would not be any layoffs or furloughs.

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