Blue State Goes To War With Own Residents Over Voter Laws

Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash

( – In California, officials have filed a lawsuit against Huntington Beach after they passed a voter ID amendment last month. The amendment had received the backing of most residents. 

California Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber and California Attorney General Rob Bonta have brought forward the lawsuit which is fighting against the new amendment which would enforce voter requirements by 2026. In the lawsuit the two claim that the new voter ID law was unlawful and conflicted with state law. 

In a statement, Bonta argued that people had the right to cast their votes freely and that this was one of the foundational rights of their democracy. He further pointed out that this new policy was going completely against this principle. 

He argued state elections already had in place voter ID requirements that helped prevent voter fraud and argued that the new requirements were going to disproportionately negatively affect voters of color, people with disabilities, low-income voters, and young or elderly voters. 

The March ballot included the voter ID measure which was added by the City Council after they made a number of contested decisions on a variety of topics. The move was originally considered to be the doing of the conservative council majority which first took office in 2022. 

As per the measure, the city would require voter identification which would lead to a further increase of in-person voting sites and would give greater control and monitoring over ballot drop boxes. The measure appeared to win 53 percent support in the country’s election according to the data. 

The amendment was approved last month by City Attorney Michael Gates and he argued that this was backed by the state constitution.

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