Red State Police Issue Urgent Warning To Americans

Photo by Carlos Alfonso on Unsplash

( – Houston Police Officers Union leaders have been speaking up about the city’s crime rates as suspects have been released on the streets with a bond and the police department is struggling to handle the officer shortages. 

Ray Hunt, the executive director of the Union, told Fox News Digital that never in his life, as someone who has always lived in the city, had he seen so many suspected murderers walking on the streets. As he argued these were all people who have been released on multiple bonds. 

He continued by arguing that right now he would permit his wife or children to have a midnight stroll through the city under any circumstances and that in 2024 the major cities were unsafe. 

This latest warning comes at a time when the House Police Department has had a hard time bringing in more able bodies and retaining officers. This is an issue currently faced by many police departments across the country. 

President Douglas Griffith described the current situation as the “perfect storm” and argued that they have been feeling the George Floyd effect as they are not capable of hiring or retaining officers and people were quitting “left and right.” 

Hunt continued by questioning if there was anyone in 2024 who wanted to become a police officer, especially when everything they were doing would be scrutinized because of their body cameras. He added that people would watch repeatedly to determine whether or not an officer made the right choice when they only had split seconds to make a decision. He then stated that he did not know who would choose to do that but that he could not encourage any of his family and friends to become police officers in 2024. 

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