Trump Banned From Attending Family Event?

Photo by Adam Michael Szuscik on Unsplash

( – On Monday, Judge Juan Merchan who is tasked with overseeing former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial stated that Trump could not attend the Supreme Court’s presidential immunity arguments which will take place next week. Previously the judge had decided that Trump would be allowed to attend the high school graduation of his son Barron in May. 

Monday was the first day of the hush money trial and Trump took the opportunity to request several days that he could potentially take off from the trial which is widely expected to last weeks. However, the judge has stated that he would not allow Trump to miss the court session in favor of being in Washington, D.C., on April 25 to attend the oral arguments at the Supreme Court on Trump’s presidential immunity claim. 

Merchan told Todd Blanch, Trump’s lawyer, that arguments before the Supreme Court were a big deal and that he appreciated why Trump wanted to attend, but that the New York trial was also a big deal. This is why the judge stated that he expected to see Trump in the court next week. 

New York state law states that Trump is required to be in attendance for the entirety of his trial, however, he is allowed to receive special permission from the judge to skip. 

Trump suggested after the court adjourned that the judge believed he was “superior” to the country’s highest court.

He also accused Merchan of blocking him from attending Barron’s graduation, however, the judge did not rule on this matter on Monday, meaning that he did not deny Trump’s request to attend the event. 

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