Trump Campaign Obliterates Haley

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – Following former President Donald Trump’s win in the South Carolina primary race on Saturday, the Trump campaign has been claiming that Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley was irrelevant and that their focus was now going to be placed on the possible rematch against Democratic President Joe Biden. 

Thus far, Trump has managed to win all five Republican primary nominating contests, winning in states across the country against Haley, including in Haley’s own state South Carolina where she had previously served as a two-term governor.

Trump advisers have argued that moving forward the plan was to ignore Haley,  who is the last remaining Republican candidate, in an effort to push her campaign to the side as if she is an afterthought. This would mark a change in the campaign tactics of the former President as in the past few weeks he had spent a lot of time attacking Haley and pressuring her donors to start supporting him. 

Trump’s campaign has now argued that by focusing on Haley right now all they would be doing is giving her more coverage despite the fact that it is clear that there is no way for her to win the GOP presidential nomination. 

This new strategy became clear on Friday when Trump campaign co-manager Chris LaCivita had been asked about Haley only to reply with “Nikki who?” 

Despite these claims though Haley has maintained that she would remain in the presidential race until March 5, which is Super Tuesday. On that day 15 states and one U.S. territory are going to be voting on who they would like to have as their nominee.

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