African Migrants Swarm City Hall

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday morning, a hearing in New York City Hall on the experiences of African migrants drew in a large crowd, with some of the people in attendance reportedly having been there under the false assumption that they would receive green cards or work visas. 

Fox News Digital obtained video footage that showed over 1,000 people gathered outside city hall, with the majority of them gathered at the part outside of the city. 

Committee on Immigration chair and City Council member Alexa Aviles who had organized the hearing had noted that it was going to be focused on the “experiences of Black immigrants.” She had argued that it was necessary for “anti-Blackness” to be uprooted from their systems. She added that this was a work that required dedication and that the city needed to be willing to provide funds to cover their short and long-term needs. 

Council member Sandy Nurse, who is a representative of the 37th District in the city, argued that the experiences of Black migrants are greatly different from those of any other group and that she was very proud to have the Council highlighting the disparity. 

The New York Post report suggested that dozens of people had arrived outside the city hall believing that if they showed up they would be given green cards or work visas. According to one source, the paper noted that the crowd had mainly comprised migrants who had recently arrived in the country. 

NYC mayor Eric Adams late last year had warned that the immigration crisis was causing the city to reach its “breaking point.”

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