New BAN Unveiled – 7 To 0 Vote!

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

( – The Flint Board of Education in Michigan voted 7-0 to ban backpacks from public schools in an effort to increase safety.

The new policy would only allow students to carry small purses that can be used to carry personal items, lunch boxes, and clear plastic bags containing their gym clothes. Clear backpacks would also not be allowed under the new policy.

Flint Community Schools Superintendent Kevelin Jones argued that, due to the changing environment, this was the only way to move forward. This is due to an increase in fears about weapons and firearms being brought into schools. Jones argued that this rule is put in place before anything occurs.

The discussions about children remaining safe in schools have really become more tense in recent months following the mass shooting at a Christian school in Tennessee last month, which left three adults and three 9-year-olds dead. In a different case in January, a 6-year-old in Virginia brought a handgun into their backpack, which he used to shoot his teacher.

Dr. Robi Ludwig argued that, currently, the world appears to be getting more dangerous for students and parents and that schools have become targets.

Jones stated that this rule is going to provide an extra layer of protection. Currently, the schools have metal detectors and advanced security to help prevent a shooting. He added that so far, the community has not reacted negatively, as they know that this is just to keep students safe.

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