Police Chief Warns ‘Defund Police’ Isn’t Dead

Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – Retired Police Chief Tom Weitzel from Riverside, Illinois told Fox News Digital that the defund the police movement was not dead but rather that is starting to gain popularity once more in a new format. As he argued now police departments have some of their proactive policing policies removed which ultimately leaves citizens and officers at risk. 

This comment refers to a new movement in many jurisdictions that takes away the authority of law enforcement and removes many of the policies that are in place to protect the community. One of the latest examples of this was in Pittsburgh, when the police department would not respond anymore to low-priority calls which according to the bureau did not need an in-person response. 

Weitzel pointed out that this was not the same as riots and protests, and instead now they were just removing the authority and job function of police officers. Limitations have also been placed on law enforcement’s investigative and patrolling abilities. 

In 2020 the defund the police movement had gained a lot of traction following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. At the time protesters have been calling for police funding to be taken out and be replaced by non-police community safety plans. Only a handful of cities, including Portland and New York, proceeded to take some of the funding of their departments away. 

That same year there was an increase in crime, with the national murder rate increasing by close to 30 percent. There was also a rise in carjackings, car theft, and smash-and-grab crime across the West Coast, including in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. 

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