Paris 2024 Olympics Makes Extremely Controversial Decision

Photo by Bryan Turner on Unsplash

( – The Summer Olympics is taking a big stance on its stance as the organization is not going to continue banning athletes from private intimacy. The rules had originally been created during the COVID pandemic in 2020. 

On Tuesday, Olympics Village Director Laurent Michaud informed Sky News that they are preparing the accommodations and even added as many as 300,000 condoms as part of the preparations. 

As he argued, conviviality was extremely important to them and claimed that they were in collaboration with the Athletes Commission in order to create some places where athletes could be allowed to be “comfortable”  and “very enthusiastic.” 

Paris, where the 2024 Olympic games are set to take place, is often referred to as the City of Lover, and with the additional condoms, it is likely that the city is going to get its nickname to life. The tradition of the Olympics providing condoms had originally started in 1988 at the Seoul Olympics, and it was an effort to raise awareness for AIDS and HIV. 

Michaud said that the accommodations also related to the culinary pleasures of France, however without including any campagne. He added that there would not be any champagne in the Olympic Village but that they would have as much champagne as they wanted in Paris. 

The French government is also going to be implementing a big security effort for the games, and there will be approximately 15,000 soldiers that are going to be deployed around Paris in order to ensure that Parisians, tourists, and athletes are safe. 

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