Kim Jong Un Unveils New Weapon Against The U.S., CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Thursday, the state media in North Korea announced that leader Kim Jong Un had operated a battle tank by himself during a “training match” while also pushing that his people needed to be ready for war. 

Kim argued that the tank, which he had driven on his own with “great satisfaction” was part of his efforts to combat tank crew capabilities. The Korean Central News Agency reported on Kim’s participation being added to the “high militant spirit” of the North Korean tank operators. 

The training came after the end of the 11-day joint drills between the U.S. military and South Korea which had occurred on the border of South and North Korea. This was also mentioned by the KCNA pointing out that North Korea had condemned these drills. The country’s Defense Ministry had also vowed that they would respond to these drills which they viewed as rehearsals for a military invasion through their own “responsible military activities.” 

As part of the exercises the tanks had to move through simulated combat circumstances as well as fire live rounds. The KCNA reported that the heavy tanks had been able to deliver powerful strikes while also breaking through strong defense lines using high maneuverability. 

The event was also attended by Kang Sun Nam, the country’s Defense Minister Kang Sun Nam according to a report from Reuters. 

The North Korean government did not provide any further information on the type of tank that the country’s leader had been given to operate. 

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