Feds Find ‘Illegal Fish’ In Texas Waters

Photo by Uniq Trek on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – Last week, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Coast Guard uncovered and seized approximately 1,250 pounds of “illegal fish” in Texas waters. 

On Wednesday the Coast Guard put out a press release about seizing close to 1,250 pounds of illegally caught fish and detaining 19 Mexican fishermen. The four lanchas carrying the fishermen had been located in waters off of southern Texas, just north of the U.S. maritime boundary line. 

Mexican fishermen usually use lanchas, which have been described as being boats that are approximately 20-30 feet long, have a low profile, and are capable of traveling at over 30mph. The Coast Guard’s press release explained that in addition to the high flyers and fishing gear they had found around 220 pounds of red snapped on board the vessels. 

The authorities detained the fishermen who were then transferred to CBP personnel where they were processed further. Authorities confiscated approximately 1,250 pounds of fish in total, and the CBP and Coast Guard had the assistance of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Texas Game Wardens during the operation.

In a statement, Chief Petty Officer Glenn Jimenes, who is serving as the command duty officer at Sector Corpus Christi argued that combating unregulated fishing is necessary in order to safeguard the marine environment and the valuable resources of the land. He added that they would continue to work with state, local, and federal partners to put an end to these illegal activities. 

The Coast Guard pointed out that lanchas are not only used for illegal fishing but also for the transportation of illegal narcotics. 

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