Democrat City Flips Hard On Their Welfare Recipients

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday night, voters in San Francisco passed a couple of law-and-order ballot measures, including one that would provide benefits to welfare recipients who had been suspected of using drugs if they underwent screenings. 

This is another rebuke of the progressive policies in the city after District Attorney Chesa Boudin was recalled in 2022. 

Proposition F, the welfare requirement was supported by 63 percent of voters as of Wednesday morning according to the latest online update on the election results. A second proposition, known as Proposition E, which would expand the police surveillance powers has also gained the support of around 60 percent of voters. There still remain votes that will need to be counted, however, the measure’s proponents have claimed that this is a victory. However, left-wing detractors have opposed these results arguing that they were a step back from the progress that has already been made. 

Democratic Mayor London Breed, who is running for reelection, was the one to place the measures for consideration on the ballot. As she told reporters it was clear that people wanted things to change when it came to public safety. She added that this was exciting to him as it would provide her with the necessary tools to continue the work she was doing. 

In an additional post on X, formerly known as Twitter, she thanked voters for having passed the measures arguing that it would increase accountability in San Francisco. She argued that this was how they were going to help people in the city make the necessary adjustments to help even more people. 

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