Black American Voters Dump Biden

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) argued that he was not concerned about the recent polling numbers that have shown President Biden’s support among Black voters diminishing since 2020. 

This week CBS News released a poll that showed that Biden was still leading against former President Donald Trump among Black voters with 76 percent to 23 percent. However, in 2020, Biden had around 90 percent of the group’s support. 

During an appearance on CBS “Face the Nation” Jeffries had argued that polling had been “all over” and that he was confident that in the general election, President Biden would receive the overwhelming majority from Black voters across the country. He added that Biden had consistently delivered on the issues of concern. 

He proceeded to tell Margaret Brennan that the rates of unemployment among Black Americans were the lowest they had been in decades and that there had been extensive investments in Black universities, colleges, and small businesses. He added that this was building on the previous efforts that had been made by former President Barack Obama. 

Jeffries proceeded to push back against what Brennan had described as a “lack of enthusiasm” among Black voters arguing that this was not what he had seen in his district Brooklyn, N.Y. He added that after traveling across the country he could see increased support and enthusiasm for the President’s reelection campaign. 

Jeffries also praised Biden for his strong performance in the State of the Union address which showcased the difference between Biden’s vision for the country and what the MAGA Republicans were pushing for. 

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