Billions Of Dollars Of Haiti Aid Vanishes

Photo by Susan Mohr on Unsplash

( – The United States has launched new initiatives aiming to help stabilize Haiti as the crime crisis in the country continues to escalate. However many are concerned about the usage of the funds being sent and whether or not it is properly utilized. 

Since the 2010 devastating earthquake Haiti has received close to $13.5 billion as part of the efforts that the United States and United Nations have led. This makes up for close to 120% of the country’s GDP at that time. 

Former NFL player Jack Brewer however was quick to comment that despite these funds those in the country had failed to rebuild the capital city, Port-au-Prince. As he pointed out this was a city that did not have basic plumbing, sanitation, and electricity. It was also lacking basic infrastructure and people were unable to get anywhere. 

Brewer argued that currently, he believed that the funding that Haiti had received after the earthquake had not been used properly. The philanthropist argued that he had the opportunity to watch many things as they had occurred on the ground, especially as he had worked with the NFL Players Association in collaboration with the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund. He pointed out that as part of their efforts, they had also raised a lot of money for the Clinton Haiti Fund. 

He pointed out that other countries had also joined the effort and had allocated a lot of money, which would make one thing that one of the long-term goals would have been rebuilding the areas that had been affected by the earthquake. However, 14 years later it appears that this is still something that they are working on.

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