Biden Has Flown How Many Migrants Into The U.S.?

Photo by Alev Takil on Unsplash

( – Rep. Randy Weber, R-Texas, is leading the House GOP as they are putting pressure on the Biden administration for its programs that allowed 386,000 migrants to directly fly into the United States from high-risk countries. Two of the countries in question are on the State Department’s “Do Not Travel List.” 

In a letter that has been co-signed by 17 GOP lawmakers, the group asks President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about the “advanced travel authorizations” program of the administration. 

The program, which has often been referred to as the CHNV parole program, allows migrants from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Haiti to use the DBP One app in order to apply for permission in order to fly directly into the United States. They are then allowed to apply for Parole. 

Despite Venezuela and Haiti being included in this program, the State Department has both countries on its “Level 4, Do Not Travel” list.

Weber in the letter noted that the Biden administration has been complicit in the worst crisis at the border in U.S. history which is why it should have been unsurprising that the Biden administration had created a new avenue that allows foreign nations to distort the immigration process of the country. He proceeded to slam the administration for advertising this program which allows illegal immigrants to choose which cities they want to fly to directly and be released into the city under the corrupted parole program. 

Weber pointed out that in 2023 there will have been 320,000 migrants who entered the United States through the program. 

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