Rumors CONFIRMED – They Cut Him Off!

Photo by Edoardo Cuoghi on Unsplash

( – ABC News suspended its partnership with contributor and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ahead of his expected announcement that he would be joining the 2024 GOP presidential primary. An ABC News spokesperson told The Hill that in preparation for Christie’s pending campaign announcement, they were suspending their partnership.

Christie first joined the network as a contributor in early 2018 but has not been present on ABC News for the past two weeks. This absence has aligned with the growing reports about Christie preparing to launch his second presidential campaign, having previously run in 2016. For months, Christie has been considering the possibility of joining the GOP primary.

Following the 2020 election, Christie, who had once been an ally of former President Donald Trump, became one of his toughest critics. He has specifically stated that he would not be backing Trump for his third bid for the White House and has criticized the other Republican candidates for not directly opposing Trump and standing against him.

Christie’s announcement is widely expected to come on Tuesday, as the former governor has been trying to present himself as “the viable Trump alternative.” The GOP primary race has expanded a lot in recent weeks, with many other candidates joining the race, including Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, Senator Tim Scott (South Carolina), former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and others. Former Vice President Mike Pence is also said to be considering launching his own presidential bid against Trump, whom he had previously served with during the Trump administration.

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