Ron DeSantis SOLVES Urgent Issue – Media Silent!

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Florida’s legislature is pushing legislation that its supporters argue will end the benefits that work as “incentives” for illegal immigrants to come to the state. This is an attempt at cracking down on immigrant smuggling and other provisions being used for the benefit of migrants.

Republican state Sen. Blaise Ingoglia on Tuesday stated that there is no reason for people to want to become legal when there are so many benefits that they can have by coming to the state illegally. This statement was made while his proposal was being marked up before the Senate Committee on Fiscal Policy passed the recommendations.

Ingoglia’s bill, SB 1718, is similar to a recommendation made by Gov. Ron DeSantis’ in February. Not only does it remove all incentives for immigrants to come to the state illegally, but it also proposes criminal charges for several violations.

Ingoglia argued that while they have compassion in the United States, compassion is what has created structures that incentivize more illegal immigration. He further argues that the focus of this bill is to ensure that these bills are aiming to take away as many of the incentives as possible, while also hoping that other states like Texas and Arizona are going to do the same.

If successful the bill is not going to affect all illegal immigrants. Those who have crossed illegally but went into the custody of the Border Patrol and are awaiting court proceedings will not be affected by the restrictions set forth by the legislation. However, those who entered the country illegally and continued to avoid all law enforcement would be impacted by this legislation.

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