Reporter’s BIZARRE Strategy Backfires – He Wins Again!

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – A reporter was mocked online after she yelled at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis about who his favorite Disney characters were. The senior political correspondent for Puck News, Tara Palmeri, was caught on video asking DeSantis multiple questions. The video was shared by DeSantis’s rapid response team on Twitter.

Palmeri started her line of questioning by informing DeSantis that she too had Italian heritage. She then proceeded to ask him what he had against Disney characters and which one was his favorite.

On Monday, Palmeri also released a story titled “Ronny on the Run,” in which she argued that DeSantis was not yet ready to take on the national stage. She then proceeded to call DeSantis a “paper tiger,” that is, a “test-tube Republican candidate” who, when examined more closely, was not ready to join the race.

Palmeri stated that his interaction with DeSantis in the State House was a “slow-motion chase.” She proceeded to state that she was following him as he went down the staircase, and she continued to ask him questions that he refused to answer. She added that the chase ended when DeSantis entered his SUV.

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis rapid response director, pointed out in response that most people would avoid anyone who was chasing them in public and asking questions, and that most people would ignore questions related to their ancestry or Disney characters.

State Freedom Caucus Network Communications Director Greg Price also criticized Palmeri for this interaction, stating that she did not “peaceably follow” but rather started following him and ranting about “Disney characters like a lunatic.”

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