Governor Calls Out Basketball Team For Ditching National Anthem

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

( – Gov. Jeff Landry from Louisiana has pushed for state officials to enact a new policy making it mandatory for student-athletes to be present for the national anthem. This request came after the LSU women’s basketball team was criticized for missing the national anthem before their Monday night regional final game against Iowa. 

This is the latest remark made by a GOP governor about the Tigers being late and missing the national anthem. In a post on X, Landry pointed out that his mother had coached high school basketball and that he had great respect for both the sport and Coach Kim Mulkey. However, as he pointed out above, having respect for the game was having respect for the flag of the United States and all those who have served and united under the flag. 

He continued by pushing for all college boards to institute a policy for student-athletes to be required to be present during the national anthem. He also called for those who missed the anthem to be liable to risk their athletic scholarships. As he pointed out this is a matter of respect and needed to be instilled by all collegiate coaches. 

OutKick’s Dan Zaksheske posted a video that clearly showed the Iowa players on the court in attendance during the national anthem, while LSU had left the court prior to the anthem.

Mulkey pointed out that after the loss the absence of her team was “routine” and that she had not even known the anthem was playing. 

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