Governor Launches Full-Scale ATTACK – It Got DIRTY!

Photo by Brian Stalter on Unsplash

( – Truck drivers from Latin America are reportedly going to boycott service in Florida following Governor Ron DeSantis’ most recent immigration legislation.

Following the end of Title 42, a COVID-19 health order that allowed U.S. officials to expel migrants without having to go through the asylum process, the topic of immigration has been in the spotlight once again. Many are concerned that the expiration of the health order is going to lead to a surge in migrants entering the U.S.

The Florida state government, in response to the expiration of Title 42, passed SB 1718, a new law that would target all undocumented immigrants in the state. Under this new bill, employers would be obliged to use E-Verify to check whether their workers had the necessary authorization to work in the U.S. Furthermore, under this bill, hospitals would need to collect information on undocumented patients.

The bill was signed one day before the expiration of Title 42 by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and is going to go into effect on July 1.

Many Republicans have praised Florida for this new bill. However, not everyone appears to be in favor of it. Latin American truckers are using social media to plan a boycott of Florida. This would include not transporting any shipments into the state.

Independent journalist Arturo Dominguez shared on Twitter videos of the truckers discussing the scheduled boycott. In his post, Dominguez posted about how “Spanish-language social media” was flooded with Latin truckers planning a boycott.

In one of the videos, a trucker speaking in Spanish states that Latinos need to remain united and protect those being attacked and discriminated against by this law. It is for this reason that he claims that his “truck won’t move” and that he will not be going to Florida.

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