Trump-Hating Republicans Jump On The Trump Train?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Several Republicans who previously vowed never to back Donald Trump again are reconsidering as the November elections approach, driven by their dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s administration and policies.

Eric Levine, once a supporter of Nikki Haley and a notable Republican fundraiser, expressed his reluctance to support Trump again but felt compelled due to a lack of alternatives. Despite his earlier resolution after the events of January 6 to reject Trump, Levine now finds himself supporting him again, as he conveyed in an essay to his network of GOP donors and activists.

The sentiment among some Republicans is that their return to Trump will be dictated by their aversion to Biden’s policies, as GOP strategist John Feehery pointed out. This scenario played out for Levine, who felt his decision was less about choosing Trump and more about his objection to Biden, leading him to reconsider staying home on Election Day.

Doug Heye, another Republican strategist, noted that some Republicans are likely to “come home” to Trump after the primaries, a common phenomenon in political campaigns. However, the exact number of these voters remains uncertain, and given the anticipated close contest between Trump and Biden, these numbers could be pivotal.

Andrew Smith from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center believes it’s premature to predict but sees a tendency among voters to rationalize their party allegiance, anticipating that many anti-Trump voters might end up supporting him as the election nears.

Levine’s outreach to his network revealed a split among staunch Never-Trumpers, with some reluctantly acknowledging their likely support for Trump. Nikki Haley had attracted a diverse following, including independents and disaffected Republicans, during the primaries, even pulling some Democratic voters in open primary states.

After endorsing Haley in the New Hampshire primary, Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire shifted his support to Trump post-primary, reflecting the common trend of party consolidation after primaries. He argued that the decision for many would boil down to policy preferences, suggesting a gravitation towards Trump due to dissatisfaction with Biden’s performance.

While Biden’s campaign has targeted Haley’s supporters in an attempt to sway them, Trump’s campaign has not made specific efforts to win over this group. Despite this, Trump’s campaign spokesperson emphasized the growing support for Trump, criticizing Biden’s performance as president.

Marlys Popma, an Iowa Republican who backed Haley, believes that despite Trump’s lack of outreach, his policy positions might still draw Haley’s supporters. Conversely, David Kochel and Gunner Ramer suggest that some Republicans may abstain from voting for president, opt for Biden, or choose a third-party candidate, indicating a potential split within the Republican voter base over Trump’s candidacy.

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