States Millennials Fled From And Moved To

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

( – HireAHelper, an online marketplace focused on finding moving services, has used census data to analyze in a new study the moving trends for millennials in 2023. According to the study, the majority of millennials appeared to choose to move to red-leaning states rather than Democratic areas. 

For the Millennial Migration Study, the marketplace analyzed Census Bureau data in order to figure out the number of millennials that had moved, and the location they chose to move to. In the last decade, the number of millennials that have moved has gone down from 21 percent in 2013 to just under 11 percent in 2023. This marks a sharp decline in the overall moves in the nation. 

The study which was also looking to determine the reasons why millennials moved, found that 16 percent had moved in search of better or new housing, 13 percent had moved because of better jobs, 9 percent had moved because they were looking for cheaper housing options or to own a home and a final 11 percent had moved because they were looking to establish a household. 

The number of millennials that opted to move because of affordability had been the highest it has been since 2011 according to the platform. The desire for more affordable housing is also closely connected to millennials choosing red states over blue states for their move. 

The study also found that the highest number of out-of-state movers moved to Texas, with around 400,000 making their way to the red state. 

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