Red State To Eliminate Property Taxes?

Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

( – In Texas the GOP indicated that they wanted the state to get rid of property tax after the majority of voters voted yes to a proposition in Tuesday’s primary election. The propositions specifically questioned whether the state should eliminate property taxes without causing an overall increase in the tax burden of Texans. 

The Texas Secretary of State’s website has noted that more than 77 percent of Republican voters in the state were in support of the removal of property tax. Texas does not currently have state property taxes, however, local governments have the right to collect revenue from residents which is used for the social services offered in the state. 

This was one of the 13 approved ballot questions by the State Republican Executive Committee and it had come amid the state’s electorate approving the $18 billion property tax by Governor Greg Abbott. The new law cuts would also include alterations to the homestead exemption, which increases the value that property owners can erase fup to $100,000  from their home. The amount was previously at $40,000. There will also be caps on the Property Tax Relief Act on commercial and residential properties. 

However, some residents in the state are still lamenting what they believe is the high property taxes in the state. In Texas, residents need to pay an effective tax rate of 1.7 percent, which is one of the highest in the United States. 

On Tuesday’s vote, Texas Republican voters had informed their party leaders that they wanted to eliminate property taxes. It is not yet clear how this stance might alter the Republican party’s legislative priorities. 

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