Red State Steps Up Big Time For Their Residents

Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

( – The phenomenon of squatting, where individuals occupy homes without the owner’s consent, has been on the rise in the United States. This situation, often shielded by complex civil laws, has led to homeowners feeling powerless. In Florida, a recent bipartisan law was enacted, outlawing the prolonged stay of unwelcome guests in homes, a move that has sparked hope among those advocating against squatting.

Flash Shelton, an individual who became an anti-squatting activist after dealing with squatters at his late mother’s property in California, shared his experiences with Fox News. He recounted how he was forced to navigate the legal system to remove the squatters, as the police were unable to intervene due to the issue being a civil matter. Shelton, who also runs a YouTube channel and founded the United Handymans Association, has since focused his efforts on fighting for legal changes through his initiative, Squatter Hunters, aiding homeowners in evicting squatters.

Shelton praised the new Florida legislation, seeing it as a crucial move that could inspire other states to adopt similar measures. He emphasized the importance of distinguishing between criminal squatting and tenant rights under civil law, believing this clarity would better support homeowners.

Under the law endorsed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the process for evicting squatters has been expedited, allowing for immediate police action if squatters fail to provide legitimate tenancy documentation. Governor DeSantis expressed his commitment to ending the so-called squatter scam in Florida.

In contrast, states like New York have seen a rise in squatting incidents, causing frustration among homeowners struggling to reclaim their properties. In one instance, a woman in Flushing faced arrest for attempting to change the locks on her inherited property, only to be thwarted by a squatter. Furthermore, a retired couple in Queens has been unable to occupy their purchased home due to a former caretaker refusing to leave.

Shelton advises homeowners facing squatting issues to contact the police and prioritize safety. He also recommends seeking assistance from organizations like Squatter Hunters before pursuing legal action, as they can provide essential support and guidance in handling such disputes.

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