PROOF: Biden Taking Black Vote For Granted

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

( – Civil rights activist Dr. John Boyd Jr., who is a fourth-generation farmer, revealed to Fox News Digital that the Democrats believe that the Black vote is guaranteed. He added that voters were concerned about the age of President Joe Biden and tired of the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Boyd informed Fox News Digital that many Blacks, including his son, who had for years been voting for the Democratic party are now seeing that their votes were being taken for granted as they brought up issues. This comment was made while he was discussing the unsuccessful efforts to directly meet with President Joe Biden in the White House to discuss farming issues and debt relief. 

According to the latest polls, Biden was losing the backing of Black voters, which has been one of the primary advantages that the Democratic party has had ever since 1999 according to a Gallup poll. He added that he was losing the backing of the Black community because he was failing to communicate with them. He added that Biden’s senior-level staffers needed to be reaching out to the Black community in order to ensure a higher turnover. However, as he pointed out since Biden became President there had not been a single meeting in the White House. 

Boyd also informed Fox News Digital that Black voters were very concerned about the age of the former President as they were heading into November. He pointed out that this was an issue for the majority of Americans and not just for Black voters as there were many people questioning whether or not Biden would be able to govern for another term in office. 

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