Pro-Palestine Protestors Target Biden, Obama And Clinton

Photo by Nikolas Gannon on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, President Biden’s fundraiser where he was discussing with former Presidents Clinton and Obama was interrupted by pro-Palestinian protestors. 

The discussion which took place in New York City’s Radio City Music Hall was moderated by Comedian Stephen Colbert. During the discussion protesters who were in the crowd started to yell. 

Colbert while talking with the former President asked whether any of them were intending to sell bibles or golden sneakers. This question was meant to mock former President Donald Trump over the merchandise he has been selling. 

Biden replied that there would not be any golden sneakers sales. 

Colbert had proceeded to ask Obama and Clinton what they had missed about being in the White House. However, just as Clinton was starting to speak the protesters started to yell and be disruptive. Reporters who were present in the room stated that the protesters were yelling about Ukraine and Russia and that many of the protesters were calling for a cease-fire in Gaza. 

The first protester had reportedly yelled, “You’re out of your f‑‑‑ing minds.” After disrupting the event he was promptly escorted from the room. 

Colbert had pointed out that there were protesters in the building and that they were undoubtedly connected to the protesters that they had also viewed across the street. As he noted people were divided on the best approach to handling the Israel-Gaza war. 

 The protest had been organized by the pro-Palestinian movement “Abandon Biden” who have been pushing for voters to withhold voters in the Democratic primary. 

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