Liberals Want To Rename What Now?

Photo by Brendan Beale on Unsplash

( – In Maryland, a coalition of African American groups has been pushing, calling for Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge to be renamed following its collapse. In their claim, they have argued that Key’s legacy is connected to racism. 

The Caucus of African American Leaders has unanimously voted for the names of the two Maryland bridges and is going to be pushing for the General Assembly and Democratic Gov. Wes Moore to change the names of the bridges. 

In late March a cargo ship smashed into the beam causing it to collapse. 

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women and the NAACP chapter are both part of the coalition calling for the replacement bridge to be renamed in honor of the late Rep. Parren Mitchell. Mitchell was a civil rights pioneer and the first African American elected from the state of Maryland to the House of Representatives. He was also the University of Maryland’s first Black graduate student.

Moore after being asked about the proposal had noted that he continued to be focused on providing the families of the victims closure, rebuilding the bridge, and clearing the channel. 

However, the Baltimore Banner reported that Moore had stated that he believed there would be time for conversations regarding the name later.
A Caucus of African American Leaders spokesperson had argued that they believed “public structures” should not bear the name of people who had been slave owners. 

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