Dozens Of Women Getting Punched In The Face In NYC

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

( – Recently, several women in New York City have taken to social media to share their experiences of being unexpectedly attacked while walking on the streets. In the past 10 days, a number of young women have described on TikTok how they were suddenly struck in the face or head by unknown individuals.

One TikTok user, Olivia Brand, shared a video detailing her shock after a man hit her on the sidewalk, offering a quick apology before the assault. Similarly, social media influencer Halley Kate, with over a million TikTok followers, uploaded a video in distress, showing a large bump on her head, stating she was punched in the face by a man while she was walking. Kate elaborated that the assault occurred unexpectedly while she was on her phone, leading to her falling and momentarily losing consciousness.

Another incident involved Mikayla Toninato, a Parsons School of Design student, who reported being punched in the face by a man as she turned a corner while texting. She expressed her astonishment and concern over the possibility of a trend of such assaults, urging people to be more vigilant.

These incidents have sparked widespread concern on TikTok, with many users expressing alarm over the safety in New York City’s streets. The New York Police Department (NYPD) has acknowledged at least two formal reports of similar assaults, leading to an arrest in one case. However, it remains uncertain whether these incidents are related.

Halley Kate, reflecting on her six years in New York City, mentioned that while such assaults are disturbing, they should not dominate one’s life. She emphasized the importance of being aware of one’s surroundings, not just in New York City but everywhere, advocating for caution without living in fear.

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