Disgraced Mayor Lori Lightfoot Hired To Investigate WHO?

MacLean Center, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – On Monday, Dolton Illinois voted that former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot needed to be brought in as a “Special Investigator” tasked with probing into the town’s mayor Tiffany Henyard. 

Starting on Tuesday the town is going to start paying Lightfoot $400 per hour so that she can gather information on the alleged financial mismanagement that Henyard was involved in. She is also going to be looking at any potential federal and state violations. 

Lightfoot had stated ahead of the vote that she understood that the town residents were looking to go in a different direction from Henyard and proceeded to promise that she would be following the facts wherever they led her. 

Following the end of her investigation, Lightfoot is going to be presenting a report to the Village of Dolton on her findings. The report’s findings are also going to be determining what the next steps are going to be. 

Trustees would also be looking to pay vendors and invoices that had remained unpaid by the village while also revoting on any of the issues that had previously been vetoed by the mayor of the town. 

On Monday the vote had been held at the Park District building off-site, as technically it did not constitute an official Village Board meeting. This move also helped accommodate any residents that wanted to attend the meeting. 

Henyard is facing several accusations, including weaponization of the police in retaliatory business raids, and using taxpayer money to pay for luxury trips. 

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