Democrat State Makes $24 Billion Disappear

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

( – California Republican leaders are pressing for greater accountability following the release of an audit that highlights the state’s questionable management of funds allocated to combat homelessness. The audit, covering the fiscal years from 2018 to 2023, revealed that approximately $24 billion was spent on homelessness and housing initiatives without clear evidence of any significant impact on the crisis.

The auditor’s report points out several critical issues. It emphasizes that the California Interagency Council on Homelessness (Cal ICH), tasked with coordinating efforts and distributing resources to address homelessness, ceased its effectiveness tracking in 2021. Furthermore, the Council was unable to collect and analyze data on the outcomes of these initiatives due to a lack of uniform methods.

James Gallagher, the Republican Leader of the California Assembly, sharply criticized Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration in response to these findings. Gallagher accused the administration of failing to deliver on its promises despite substantial financial investments. He stressed that Californians are growing increasingly frustrated with ongoing homelessness and the governor’s justifications, underlining a strong demand for tangible results.

Senator Roger Niello, another Republican, also expressed concerns, describing the audit’s focus as overly narrow. He noted that while addressing housing and shelter issues is crucial, the audit largely neglected to evaluate the effectiveness of these measures in actually reducing homelessness. Niello pointed out that providing shelter is only a partial solution and expressed disappointment over the audit’s limited scope.

On the Democratic side, State Senator Dave Cortese, who called for the audit after visiting a large homeless encampment, echoed the need for better data and transparency. Cortese criticized the fragmented approach to data management and outcomes assessment, highlighting the absence of a centralized system to monitor state and local investments. He called for the establishment of best practices and a strategic framework to address California’s prominent homelessness issue more effectively.

These revelations have sparked a bipartisan call for a more systematic and result-oriented approach to handling one of California’s most pressing challenges. The audit underscores the critical need for improved oversight, enhanced data collection, and a unified strategy to ensure that funds dedicated to mitigating homelessness are used effectively.

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