Democrat Mayor Refuses To Acknowledge DEI As Cause For Disaster

Photo by Irina Sitnikova on Unsplash

( – On Sunday, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott (D) stated that he was ignoring all those who had labeled him the “DEI mayor” after labels had started to circulate following the crash into the Francis Scott Key Bridge last week. 

Following the bridge’s collapse, there were many social media posts circulating that claimed that the incident was connected to the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Some had even started to refer to him as the “DEI mayor.” 

Scott had been asked on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” about the new label. In response, Scott had argued that he was the “young Black mayor” of this city and they knew there was a lot of racism and people who believed he should not be in this job. He continued by arguing that he has known his entire life that he is Black and that he knew how “racism” in this country went. However, as he argued his focus was always on “those people.” 

Scott continued by noting that his worries were not about answering DEI-related questions but rather that he was worried about the lives that were lost. He continued by saying that he was focused on making sure that he proved these people wrong by being the best he could be at this job and ignoring all of the criticisms. 

Last Tuesday Dali, a cargo ship, had ended up colliding with the Francis Scott Key Bridge while heading to Sri Lanka. The accident resulted in the bridge collapsing into the Patapsco River. The flagged ship is believed to have lost power after attempting to leave the Baltimore Harbor. 

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