Asylum City To Asylum STATE? – The Crisis Grows

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, New York Governor Hochul defended Democrat NYC Mayor Adams’ new program that buses migrants to other areas in the state in order to handle the recent surge in migration. The program is currently being challenged legally.

During a press conference that was meant to focus on the Environmental Bond Act, a $4.2 billion initiative looking to deal with climate change in western New York, Hochul took questions about the 70,000 asylum seekers that have reached New York City.

In regards to Adam’s plans to have the migrants bussed upstate, she stated that they have been pushing for as much notice as possible to be given to county executives, especially because of the scale of the people affected. She added that things would not always “be perfect.” Adam’s plan includes moving migrants upstate, where they can be housed in hotels for months, if not longer.

During the end of Title 42, the city saw approximately 5,800 people arrive within a week. There are currently over 48,000 migrants being housed in New York City shelters. Hochul stated that the key was prepared and that most of the people who arrive in the city are just looking for “legal humanitarian relief” and that they are in the country legally.

Hochul further stated on Tuesday that the shelter system in the city was overflowing. This was in connection with an announcement on Friday about a prison in New York City being repurposed to accommodate more than 500 people.

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