Democrat Accuses ICE Of Abusing Illegals?

Photo by Jannik on Unsplash

( – Federal data has shown an increase in the Biden administration’s usage of solitary confinement in immigration detention centers. Despite this, many Democratic lawmakers have been pushing for the administration to put an end to the practice, or at least put in place rules that would limit its usage. 

On Friday a letter was sent by Sens. Dick Durbin, Elizabeth Warren, and Ed Markey to ICE acting Deputy Director Patrick Lechleitner and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas concerning the usage of solitary confinement by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In the letter, they claim that ICE would isolate certain individuals for “months and even years” over minor infractions. They further pointed out that many of the individuals who had been put in solitary confinement had mental health conditions. 

In the letter, the lawmakers, who were joined by nine other senators, including Sen. Berney Sanders (I-Vt.) argued that ICE has not followed the guidelines set on what the limits of solitary confinement should be as well as the imposition of additional punishment during solitary confinement.

The statistics released by the agency have shown that over 38,000 people are detained each day, with an increase of around 15,000 detainments. 

In their letter, the senators pointed out that last month a study had been released which found that there were 1,106 uses of “segregation” or as it was officially known solitary confinement. This is a 61 percent increase in the third quarter of 2023 when compared with a year earlier. 

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