Are Republicans FLIPPING On Gun Control?

Photo by MJ Tangonan on Unsplash
Photo by MJ Tangonan on Unsplash

( – Families of the Uvalde school shooting victims cheered after two Republican state legislators voted in favor of increasing the minimum legal age for the purchase of semiautomatic rifles in Texas to 21. In the Texas House Select Committee on Community Safety vote, two Republicans joined the Democrats in an 8-5 vote, which would enable the bill to move forward to the House floor.

Following the vote, many families of the victims of the Uvalde school shooting could be heard cheering and crying in the videos released by KXAN News. In 2022, an 18-year-old opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, leading to 21 people’s deaths, including 19 children. This was the third-deadliest school shooting in American history.

On Monday, after the committee’s meeting, the families of the victims who have been calling for stricter gun laws, including pushing for bill HB 2744, which would increase the minimum age for the purchase of semiautomatic rifles to 21 from 18, called on the chairman to hold a vote on the bill. Monday was also the last day when the committee would be allowed to push the bill to the floor.

Kimberly Mata-Rubio, who lost her daughter Lexi during the shooting, remarked during the press conference that she was simply a mother who wanted her daughter back and who wanted to ensure that no other mothers would feel her pain.

Volunteers from Moms Demand Action, an advocacy group pushing for strict gun laws, were also in attendance at the meeting. In a tweet, they noted that the committee’s vote was an important step towards pushing lawmakers to pass measures that could save lives.

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