Permanent SANCTIONS Unveiled – Lawmakers Are Ready!

Photo by Samuel Branch on Unsplash

( – On Monday, a group of lawmakers introduced legislation in the Senate and House that would provide permanent authorization for the President to continue the implementation of sanctions on Iran’s economy.

The Solidifying Iran Sanction Act, sponsored by Rep. Steel (R-CA) and co-sponsored by Rep. McCaul (R-TX), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is meant to be a permanent extension of the Iran Sanctions Act (ISA) of 1996, which is set to expire in 2026. The ISA previously included a sunset provision, which meant that it was constantly reviewed and renewed by Congress. The Act allows the U.S. executive branch to impose sanctions on Iran’s energy sector in an effort to block the country from obtaining nuclear weapons. In recent years, Tehran has intensified its attempts to gain access to such weapons.

In a statement, McCaul noted, “The ISA is one of the most important tools in U.S. law to compel Iran to abandon its dangerous and destabilizing behavior.” He added that this bill would take the step to eliminate the previously mandatory sunsetting rule so that the sanctions will only be lifted from Iran when the country stops its threatening behavior.

The bill is co-sponsored by 24 lawmakers, including Rep. Susie Lee (D-Nev.).

Steel has argued that Iran’s actions clearly exhibited that it had “no interest in participating in the international community or working towards peace.” He added in a statement that they continue to threaten democracy and that the state “actively sponsors terrorism around the world.”

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