Lovestruck Criminal SLIPS – Followed His Heart To JAIL

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

( – An Indianapolis woman shared her unsettling encounter after being robbed at gunpoint outside her home. What made the incident even more bizarre was that the suspect later messaged her on Facebook and asked her out on a date.

Amber Beraun explained that she had just finished work late one night when an unidentified man approached her, displaying a firearm. Reluctant to comply with his demands, she refused to let him into her house. However, she ultimately handed over approximately $100 in cash to the assailant, who was later identified as Damien Boyce. After taking the money, Boyce allegedly pointed the gun at her and demanded that she add him as a friend on Facebook, according to court documents reported by WRTV.

In an attempt to diffuse the situation, Beraun added Boyce on Facebook, hoping it would appease him and make him leave. Surprisingly, Boyce started messaging her on the social media platform, complimenting her and even asking her out on a date, as mentioned in the court documents. One of his messages read, “Damn you were too pretty to rob,” with him also promising to reimburse her.

Beraun responded with understanding, expressing her belief in Boyce’s sincerity and acknowledging the challenges people face. Boyce also invited her to “come chill” with him, which further unsettled Beraun. She shared her concerns about the presence of individuals seeking opportunities for crimes, which made her more cautious about nighttime noises.

Last Wednesday, Boyce was charged with armed robbery and held on a $7,500 bond. Interestingly, just a week before this incident, Boyce was arrested for another armed robbery on June 12. He allegedly engaged in an argument, shooting two individuals and assaulting another with a brick. Following the response of a SWAT team, Boyce surrendered to the police and faced charges of burglary, unlawful possession of a weapon, criminal recklessness, and battery in that separate case.


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